Why is the IGCSE a viable option for my child?

The IGCSE is open to students with a wide range of abilities. The questions are frequently differentiated in terms of difficulty levels to meet the needs of both the most capable students and those who find academics onerous. Because the majority of the assessment occurs at the end of the course, students whose first language is not English have more time to learn during the program before demonstrating their understanding at the end. If you know your child excels at digesting information and presenting that information in an exam setting, the IGCSE is a great choice.

Another key point in IGCSE’s favor is that, in the absence of IB Diploma or A-Level results, many universities in the UK will use IGCSE results to give university placement. If a student wishes to pursue post-secondary studies in the United Kingdom, IGCSEs present a more complete image of the individual to a University Admissions Department. European universities and North American institutions regard it equally seriously as an international qualification and will consider it alongside equivalent A-Levels or IB Diploma scores.

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